5G RedCap (Reduced Capacity) - Delivering Right-Sized Performance for Mid-Tier IoT
Simplified 5G devices will support a broad range of lower cost connectivity applications currently running on 4G LTE.

Not all IoT use cases need high-performance, high cost 5G eMBB hardware. However, many do require higher speeds and lower latency than mMTC or LPWA solutions provide, such as mid-range IoT applications that currently run on 4G LTE using CAT 1 to
CAT 4 devices.

RedCap is a 5G-native New Radio (NR) solution that will help 4G LTE (Cat-1 and Cat-4) equipment users migrate to 5G without the size and cost burden of 5G NR eMBB hardware. (RedCap is also referred to as NR-Light.) And while the end of 4G is still
many years away (i.e., 2030+), it enables companies to future-proof their current investments.

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