White Paper:
See, Feel, and Hear the Difference with GaN Class-D Amplifier and Companion SMPS

As engineers within the design community read and learn about new products and topologies, they become sceptical about the promises for improved operating characteristics. The promise of a step-function improvement with GaN in audio systems could be classified as one of these scenarios. However, with the GaN Systems Stereo Class-D Amplifier system solution, the audio industry is pleasantly surprised to see that GaN is keeping its promise.

This white paper explores the GaN Systems solution consisting of a GaN FET-based LLC SMPS with PFC and Stereo 200W/8-ohm Class-D Amplifier. The SMPS uses the GaN Systems 650V/22.5A E-HEMT for both the PFC Front-End and LLC Half-Bridge Back-End and the GaN Systems 100V/90A E-HEMT for each of the four Half-Bridge Output Stages of the Class-D Amplifier.
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